The Visual Arts and Business

  • Edited by: Osservatorio Impresa e Cultura
  • Thirty percent of applicants for the 2004 Sistema Impresa e Cultura Award submitted visual arts projects, making it the preferred medium for cultural investment.

  • This third Collana Impresa e Cultura publication provides an overview of the current climate of business visual arts pairings and provides practical models and suggestions for successful implementation of similar programs. The book also comments on how a company‚Äôs long-term involvement with the visual arts can be a transformative asset, yielding profitable innovation.

  • This publication is useful both for experienced cultural operators and organizations considering investment for the first time.

  • Preface:
  • Giuliano Urbani, Umberto Vattani, Cesare Annibaldi
  • Introduction:
  • Michela Bondardo
  • Contributors:
  • Francesco Morace, Mauro Ferraresi, Pier Luigi Sacco, Michela Bondardo, Massimo Sterpi, Luca Ghedina, Sara Annoni e Daniela Ivaldi, Claudio Strinati, Francesco Bonami, Massimo Di Carlo.

  • Published by: Ibis Edizioni, 2004 (15.50 €)