The Observatory

  • The Observatory united an international panel of specialists and experts to study burgeoning business culture interaction models and adapt them for success in Italy.

  • By keeping a finger on the pulse of national business challenges, The Observatory was able to identify problems and propose viable solution avenues based on the convergence of business and culture. All of The Observatory's programs highlighted the protracted mutual benefits of cultural investment for companies, institutions, and communities.
  • The Observatory's tools:

    • A network of cultural experts in: economics, local marketing, training, and urban sociology.
    • A database, the only one of its kind in Italy, of over 800 culturally active business, including routinely updated data on who is investing in culture and what exactly is being invested.
    • A dedicated press, the Collana Impresa e Cultura, published a series of books based on The Observatories research and the efforts of other Sistema Impresa e Cultura programs.