Culture and Competitiveness: a new entrepreneurial way

(Italian: Cultura e competitivita. Per un nuovo agire imprenditoriale)

  • Edited by: Osservatorio Impresa e Cultura
  • This book in the Collana Impresa e Cultura series discusses new models of entrepreneurship presented by a market infused with cultural investment.

  • Long-term business culture relationships equip companies and participating organizations with new tools and methodologies that provide strategic advantage in increasingly competitive markets.

  • Benefits are mutual, sustained, and transformative. Returns on cultural investment defy and deconstruct limited preconceived ideas about what a business culture relationship is and should be.

  • Cultural partnership can be a decisive asset for contemporary businesses. This book explains how culture can be leveraged successfully and presents both Italian and international case studies.

  • Preface:
  • Giuliano Urbani, Umberto Vattani
  • Introduction:
  • Cesare Annibaldi
  • Part I: Experience and Trends
  • Contributors: Michela Bondardo, Pier Luigi Sacco, Giorgio Tavano Blessi, Roberta Comunian
  • Part II: Points of View
  • Contributors: Stefano Baia Curioni, Marco Bettiol e Enzo Rullani,
  • Ugo Morelli, Gabriele Troilo, Mario A. Maggioni e Mario Nosvelli,
  • Marco Senaldi, Andrew McIlroy.

  • Published by: Rubbettino Editore, 2003 (24.00 €)